One America

Original artwork by Kyle Ragsdale

First Friday


The IRT is thrilled to participate with IDADA as a gallery for October's First Friday. Come to see these amazing pieces in person as well as other original pieces from Kyle Ragsdale.

Also enjoy complimentary drinks from Sun King & New Day!

Attendance is free.
No tickets necessary.


“We are so grateful and incredibly fortunate that Kyle accepted our invitation to create original art for us. He creates such theatrical work. It was fascinating to see how an artist reacted to our art. We can’t wait to show off his work as we show off our work.”

Executive Artistic Director 


"[The IRT] wanted to showcase the friendship of the guys and how travel changes you and causes you to grow up. I focused in on the costumes, and interestingly enough there is a Veronese green that I found, so then I repainted the background in that color."

-Kyle Ragsdale

"I wanted to focus on the actual Rothko image, so you knew it was about [painter Mark Rothko] right away. It's hard because it's the kind of thing that Rothko would've hated, like crazy hated. Then Janet pointed out that he would've hated that there was a play about this hard part of his life at all."
-Kyle Ragsdale

"I love Carol so much. Since I moved here, I've been going to Carol and loving it, so I wanted to focus in on kind of the festiveness and not so much the things you always think of when you represent A Christmas Carol. So I focused more on the party scenes, which is kind of what I like in art my art."
-Kyle Ragsdale

"Velveteen Rabbit was the most fun to paint." Ragsdale says that when he read the script he thought of boats he painted last year. "It seemed like it would work together, and when I sent the picture over, they loved it right away."
-Kyle Ragsdale

"I wanted this to be mainly about the main character and her two friends that she talks over her life with. [The painting] changed four times: really wild, crazy colors and patterns and wacky figures. I think I didn't want to focus in on them being lower class. I wanted to leave it open, but so that they weren't caricatures." Ragsdale asked for pictures of actress Constance Macy, who's cast as Margaret, the lead, so that he could depict her likeness for the painting. He's most excited to this particular play. "It's just an amazing script, and it's just something I haven't seen before. Also when I read it, I immediately thought of Fountain Square with the indigenous people who have been there a long time. It's just those twists and turns of the script that make you rethink people."
-Kyle Ragsdale

"I thought of 20 ways for a really fun poster. I actually made the image first on my iPad and then took it back and painted from that. It went through maybe three revisions back and forth of what I liked and what they liked, and then we finally came to a good consensus."

-Kyle Ragsdale

"Baskerville was fun because I could look at movie posters and other ways that it had been represented before. I have been working with the period costumes for six years, so I'm really familiar with that era, and it's kind of spooky, too -- which I like."
-Kyle Ragsdale

"This was such a fun play to read and interesting because I didn't do research. I started reading it not quite sure what kind of play it is, and finally I realized, oh, this is a romantic comedy, but you don't figure that out right away. I guess when you're watching you do, but it was really fun to play with those '70s costumes in Atlanta. I really enjoyed working on that one."
-Kyle Ragsdale

"I'd seen the movie when I was young, and in reading the play I hadn't seen the movie for a long time, but it seems like I remembered it as it was. There are a lot of different ways to think about the visualizing that play. When it came to painting, I thought of my friend Jill Ristine. She's kind of the woman figure, and the man kind of looks like her husband, Tom, but not too much. I really love the atmosphere of that painting and the light that is kind of dreamy. When so much of movie and TV culture focuses on youth, it's really interesting to think about a play that is about older people and how they face life and getting older. It's a good story."
-Kyle Ragsdale