2015 - 2016 Season

The Great Gatsby

September 30 – October 25
Adapted by: Simon Levy
OneAmerica Mainstage
Roaring 20s American classic
$25-59 adult | $20 student

Money, class, romance and corruption collide as the Great American Novel comes to life on stage. Opulent parties, passionate affairs, jealousy and murder are tangled together in this powerful and vivid tale of American bravado, lost love and post-war recovery in the Roaring Twenties. The Great Gatsby is an eloquent evocation of a bygone era that deeply resonates with our world today.

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april 4, 1968: Before we forgot how to dream

October 20 – November 15
By James Still
IRT Upperstage
An intimate look at an Indianapolis family's collision with history. 
$25-59 adult | $20 student

Bobby Kennedy’s powerful speech on the night of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination is a vital moment in Indiana’s memory. Inspired by true stories from those who were there, this world premiere offers an intimate look at one family and their personal experiences as history unfolds around them. It will surprise you, move you—and perhaps remind you.

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A Christmas Carol

November 14 – December 26
Adapted by Tom Haas
OneAmerica Mainstage
A favorite holiday tradition
$25-89 adult | $20 student

Indy’s favorite holiday tradition returns for its 25th year at the IRT. Scrooge’s visits to the past, the present and the future bring us hope in the dark of winter, when we need it most. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol celebrates the power of kindness, family and love in this beloved tale filled with laughter, tears and redemption. 

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Peter rabbit and me

November 21 – December 20
Adapted by Aurand Harris from the tales of Beatrix Potter
The Cabaret
Cherished characters and their playful adventures
Adult and child pricing (chair): $20 
Adult pricing (floor): $15 
Child and Student pricing (floor): $8

Meet young Beatrix Potter as she first begins to reshape her everyday life into the enchanting world of Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail. Join Peter Rabbit on his exciting adventures in Farmer McGregor’s Garden. This beloved classic is filled with humor, surprise, colorful characters and the simple magic of children’s imaginations. 

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The Mystery of irma vep

January 12-February 14
By Charles Ludlam
IRT Upperstage
Comedy tour de force
$25-$59 adult | $20 student

You won’t want to miss this hilarious mash-up of chilling Gothic horror story and passionate Victorian bodice-ripper. Two actors play a mysterious archeologist, a flighty new bride, a saucy housekeeper, a loveable werewolf and an Egyptian mummy, all in a dizzying quick-change marathon. You’ll be howling at the moon—with laughter.

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To Kill a mockingbird

January 29 – February 28
Adapted by Christopher Sergel
OneAmerica Mainstage
America’s most beloved novel comes to life
$25-59 adult | $20 student

Scout and her brother Jem don’t always understand their father, Atticus Finch. But as he defends an innocent man, wrongly accused of a heinous crime, they begin to learn about the realities of life in a racially divided world. Harper Lee’s groundbreaking novel has changed millions of lives; seeing this story live on stage will change yours.

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March 9 – April 3
By August Wilson
One America Mainstage
Powerful drama from Wilson’s epic cycle
$25-59 adult | $20 student

A former Negro League baseball player, thwarted in his dreams of a Major League career, struggles to provide for his family and break free from the boundaries imposed upon him. Set in 1957, at the intersection of old prejudices and changing opportunities, Fences is a powerful drama filled with passionate love and thundering rage, generous laughter and searing pain.

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Bridge & tunnel

March 29—May 1
By Sarah Jones
IRT Upperstage
A one-woman celebration of American diversity
$25-59 adult | $20 student

An open-mic poetry night becomes a celebration of American diversity in this Tony Award winner. One woman plays more than a dozen characters of both sexes, many races and all ages, as life stories are shared and dreams are dared. Funny, poignant and full of hope, this loving look at the differences that bring us together will expand horizons, touch hearts and lift spirits. 

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The Mousetrap

April 26 – May 22
By Agatha Christie
One America Mainstage
World’s longest running stage play
$25-59 adult | $20 student

Welcome to the classic Agatha Christie mystery thriller: a houseful of strangers trapped by a blizzard and stalked by an unknown murderer. The Mousetrap is the world’s longest running stage play, celebrating its 64th year in 2016. Part drawing room comedy and part murder mystery, this timeless chiller is a double-barreled whodunit full of twists and surprises. 

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