Frequently Asked Questions

Does IRT accept home educators at Student Matinees?
  • Yes! We treat our home educators as we would any other school, with just a couple exceptions. First, all tickets for home educator groups are $10 for students and adults ($13 for A Christmas Carol). Second, we do not offer any complimentary tickets for home educator groups. We highly recommend that if you would like to attend as a group or co-op that you appoint a single person in charge of organizing and paying for your reservation. This ensures group seating and ease of booking and payment.
What happens if my school is delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather on the day we’re scheduled to attend?
  • If your school is cancelled or delayed due to inclement weather, please contact IRT Education as soon as possible. We will first attempt to find a future performance of the same show to move your reservation into. If that is not possible, we will try to move your reservation into a different production later in the season. If neither of those options work, we can offer a refund of your ticket cost. Refunds are only available in instances of weather-related cancellations. 
How early should we arrive? Where do we drop off students? Where can our buses park?
  • Click here to download everything you need to know about arrival and dismissal for an IRT Student Matinee.
What if I have a student who requires special accommodations?
  • IRT will make every effort to accommodate the needs of any student. If anyone in your group requires wheelchair-accessible seating, audio description, ASL or assisted listening services, sensory-friendly seating or any other accommodations, please let IRT know at least 30 days before your visit so that we can best accommodate your needs. While we will work diligently to meet the needs of every student, we cannot guarantee accommodation requests made within 30 days of the performance.
What if a student is absent on the day of the trip?
  • If a student or chaperone with a paid ticket is absent on the day of your visit, we can provide a voucher allowing them to return to another performance of the same play. The voucher is good for one ticket only. No refunds will be given due to student absence.
How will I get my tickets?
  • You will not receive paper tickets for your visit to an IRT Student Matinee. We utilize a group seating chart that is made shortly before the performance.
Can I choose my seats?
  • No. We utilize a group seating chart that is made shortly before each performance. This allows the greatest flexibility in seating many large groups without separating schools. We attempt to prioritize schools that have booked and paid early. While you are welcome to request a particular area of our theatre, IRT student matinees regularly sell out and we can never guarantee preferred seating.
Does IRT have a space available for my group to eat lunch?
  • Maybe. Depending on IRT’s production schedule and the size of your group, we may have spaces available for your group to eat a sack lunch at the theatre. In the event that we do not, public dining areas are located at Circle Centre Mall and the Indianapolis ArtsGarden, both less than one block from IRT. If you need a lunch space for your group, please let IRT know at the time of your reservation. Lunch spaces are available on a first-come-first-served basis and may have limited availability.
Does IRT offer backstage tours?
  • Yes! IRT is proud to offer tours of the historic Indiana Theatre, including a backstage peek at the operation of the theatre. These tours can be scheduled immediately before or after your performance, and are available at the low price of just $1.00 per student with ticket purchase. Financial assistance is available. Please note that tours are subject to guide availability and IRT’s production schedule. Not all areas of the theatre are accessible for touring at all times. 
Does IRT offer a talkback with the cast?
  • Yes! Every IRT Student Matinee is followed by a free, optional post-show discussion. This Q&A with IRT staff and performers (pending availability) will add approximately 10-15 minutes to your trip and will begin as soon as schools not staying have been dismissed. Late arrivals or delays in starting the show may necessitate the cancellation of the post-show discussion. 
Does IRT have a dress code?
  • No. IRT believes that each individual should be comfortable whenever they attend a performance. If it is appropriate for your school’s dress code, it is appropriate for a visit to IRT.
Do plays at IRT contain content that could be considered inappropriate for a school audience?
  • One of the most important functions that the theatre offers its community is the opportunity to create conversation. At IRT we pride ourselves on providing student audiences with the same high-quality, thought-provoking productions that we produce for the public. However, we also recognize that every school audience is different and may have concerns about the content presented on stage. To that end, we offer recommended age guidelines for every production, as well as an advisory addressing potentially objectionable content. Additionally, we offer preview scripts for every production, and encourage concerned teachers to explore the content of the play in advance.
Does IRT offer educator discounts to public performances?
  • Yes! IRT is a strong supporter of those who educate our youth. As a token of our appreciation, educators receive $10 tickets to all preview night performances and $10-off tickets to all other performances excluding A Christmas Carol.
Can I take photographs or video during the performance?
  • No. To protect the copyrights of our artists, photography or video of any kind is not permitted in the theatre before, during, or after the show. If you would like a group photo to commemorate your visit, we invite you to gather in the Grand Lobby or in front of the box office marquee.
The Role of the Audience: Student and Teacher Expectations
  • Students should
    • Discard all gum, food, and drink before entering the the theatre.
    • Turn off all technology during the show.
    • React appropriately during the performance. Laugh when it's funny, cry when it's sad, or gasp when it's shocking.
    • Refrain from conversations during the performance. Talking of any kind during the show disturbs the audience and performers alike.
  • Adults should follow the same guidelines as students, as well as
    • Distribute themselves among students in your assigned seating area.
    • Report any student who is ill or injured to an IRT staff member immediately.
    • Assist House Management and Education staff to monitor student behavior during the performance.

Click here for a downloadable guide for student and teacher expectations.

What happens if there is an emergency during the show?
  • In the unlikely event of a fire or weather emergency during the performance, an alarm will sound and the lights will come up. Remain calm, stay seated, listen for instructions, and allow IRT staff to guide you to the nearest exit or safe space. The performance will resume as quickly as is safe.