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Community Ambassador Program

At the intersection of art, community, and inclusivity lies the IRT Community Ambassador Program. Crafted meticulously over several years, this program epitomizes IRT’s commitment to dynamic community engagement. Aiming to foster diverse feedback, our ambassadors actively participate in the theatrical process, reading plays and contributing insights that enrich our cultural competency.

Flanner House

Spotlight Partnership

Flanner House is an organization that has been empowering and supporting African Americans in Indianapolis for over a century. We’re proud to have them as our Spotlight Partner for our production of Little Shop of Horrors. Flanner House has been championing the cause of guiding individuals, children, and families toward self-reliance and self-sufficiency for 125 years. They use a comprehensive approach encompassing education, employment, wellness, peace, safety, economic development, and food justice to enhance the quality of life for residents on the Northwest side of Indianapolis. Flanner House was established in 1898 by Frank Flanner and has expanded its impact through initiatives like Flanner Homes, Inc., setting a national precedent for community-led housing projects. We invite you to support Flanner House’s journey towards creating a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

Devan Mathias and Caroline Chu in the IRT's 2022 production of Sense and Sensibility. Photo by Zach Rosing.

Classes & Workshops

As part of its commitment to the community, IRT provides continuing education opportunities for both youth and adults. In Classes at IRT, professional artists and highly-trained staff provide a safe, supportive, and fun atmosphere that immerses students into the process of theatre. Explore, discover, and create with us!

The cast of the IRT's 2023 production of Clue. Photo by Zach Rosing.

Hosted Discussions

The IRT is proud to host a multitude of opportunities for you to interact with our community on a deeper level. With Community Conversations and Artist Conversations happening regularly throughout each production, there is always an opportunity to become closer with the art.

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