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Pre-Show Chats

Before every Signature Five performance, patrons can enjoy a Pre-Show Chat hosted by IRT staff and artists. Pre-Show Chats begin 45 minutes prior to the scheduled performance and last 20 minutes.

Community Conversations

At Indiana Repertory Theatre, we believe that theatre is a powerful catalyst for meaningful conversations. Our Community Conversations program invites audiences to participate in thought-provoking discussions inspired by the themes of our productions. These facilitated conversations provide a safe space for diverse perspectives, allowing attendees to engage in dialogue, share experiences, and gain new insights. Through Community Conversations, we aim to bridge connections, spark empathy, and create a stronger sense of community. Complimentary beverages are available to all participants.

Artist Conversations

IRT audiences have the opportunity to engage with the creative minds behind the scenes through our Artist Conversations program at Indiana Repertory Theatre. Audiences can delve into the artistic process, gain insights into the production’s development, and connect with the actors and artistic staff who bring our shows to life. This interactive series offers a unique opportunity to explore the world of theatre from a behind-the-scenes perspective, fostering a deeper appreciation for the magic that happens both on and off the stage.

A painting of a monstrous plant in front of three ladies dressed in purple next to a flower shop.

April 17 - May 19

Little Shop of Horrors

Join us for one or more of these engaging hosted discussions for this upcoming production.

Hosted Discussions

Little Shop of Horrors

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