We are thrilled to welcome you back to the Theatre this 2021-2022 Season, where we can sit together and experience the communal joy of art-making, storytelling, shared laughter, empathy, and human insight. Over these long COVID months, we have come to realize how much we took for granted the ability to safely gather and witness, and we are relieved to come back into community with you to celebrate our shared humanity. Every time we sit together in the presence of storytelling, where we have the privilege to experience, to discuss, to witness—we will receive these experiences as gifts for some time to come.

The thing that has been true about theatre for over 2000 years of human history: the theatre is a place where we go when we need to experience deeply our own humanity, to have our heartstrings pulled, our funny bone tickled, and our empathy for those unlike us stirred. We are pleased to remain strongly attached to those values even in these times, because in trying times we need these moments of human connection most.

As we carefully move back into public spaces, with a lot of concern for safety and for sustainability, we reflect deeply on that simple act: choosing to enter a space where being among other people is key to the experience. We are grateful for everyone’s patience as we work through the challenges. We are also particularly grateful to the artists, artisans, and administrators who are masking up every day to come to work and craft an experience that can enrich our lives, cause us to reflect, and cause us to take joy in human experience with all its conditions and eccentricities.

Join us in keeping the power of storytelling alive, in keeping arts and culture in our city vital, in honoring the art making of many talented artisans and in celebrating an art form that has thrived for thousands of years and will for thousands more.

And, welcome back!

Janet Allen, Margot Lacy Eccles Artistic Director 
Suzanne Sweeney, Managing Director