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Welcome to the IRT’s 50th Anniversary Season! We are so looking forward to celebrating this milestone with our community of audiences, donors, volunteers, staff and artists, while also extending our reach to welcome new audiences to our work. As we emerge from the COVID years, we do so with joy that we can gather again to celebrate our shared humanity, sitting together to experience the communal power of art-making, storytelling, shared laughter and revelation, empathy, and human insight. 

This has been true about theatre for over 2000 years of human history: the theatre is a place where we go when we need to experience deeply our own humanity, to have our heartstrings pulled, our funny bones tickled, and our empathy for those unlike us stirred and to do it communally. This 50th anniversary season has been curated to include all those experiences, from beloved fiction adaptations, to exciting and relevant new work, to world classics, to delightful farce, we hope to share with you how far the IRT has come in 50 years of diverse, quality theatre production, brilliant design, memorable acting, and plenty of opportunities to linger and discuss what we have witnessed together.   

This season also marks a leadership change, as Janet retires at the end of the season, and the IRT secures a next generation of artistic leadership. These are exciting times.   

Join us in keeping the power of storytelling alive, in keeping arts and culture in our city vital, in honoring the art making of many talented artisans, in celebrating an art form that has thrived for thousands of years and an institution that has successfully told hundreds of moving stories for 50 years!

Janet Allen, Margot Lacy Eccles Artistic Director 
Suzanne Sweeney, Managing Director