Rooted in the heart of Indiana, Indiana Repertory Theatre is committed to building a vital, vibrant and informed community through the transformational power of live theatre.

The Indiana Repertory Theatre produces inclusive, top-quality, professional theatre and community programming to engage, surprise, challenge and entertain members of the whole community.


The Indiana Repertory Theatre will welcome the whole community, becoming a place of belonging for an ever-expanding audience of all ages and backgrounds seeking meaningful and enjoyable experiences. Using theatre as a springboard for both personal reflection and community discussion, our productions and programs will inspire our neighbors to learn about themselves and others. As the largest non-profit theatre in the state of Indiana, IRT’s goal is to help make Indiana a dynamic home of cultural expression, economic vitality, and a diverse and engaged citizenry.


Sustaining a professional, respectful, inclusive, & creative atmosphere

  •   Producing diverse plays, we strive to provide insight and celebrate human relationships through the unique vision    of the playwright.
  •   Employing professional artists of the highest quality, we nurture an environment that allows them to grow and          thrive on our stages and in our communities.
  •   We foster a creative environment where arts, education, corporate, civic, and cultural organizations collaborate to      benefit our community.

Building Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) 

  •   Our community thrives when diverse voices and peoples gather to make, watch, and support theatre.
  •   It is our responsibility as a community resource to open our doors wide, welcoming all to our high quality, relevant    art.
  •   We acknowledge our history of privilege as a predominantly white institution as an initial and necessary step              toward effectively supporting the dismantling of systems of oppression.
  •   To be an antiracist organization we must seek knowledge and understanding to identify discriminatory practices      and increase cultural awareness in collaboration with, and learning directly from, BIPOC, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,          Transgender, Queer, Intersex (LGBTQI+), functionally diverse, and other historically excluded communities.

Prudent stewardship of our resources

  •   As a public-benefit organization, we focus on community service, artistic integrity, and creating a range of ticket        prices that allow all segments of our community to attend.
  •   Fiscal responsibility and financial security fuel our institutional sustainability.
  •   To ensure institutional longevity, we continue to grow our endowment fund as a resource for future development.