Employment & Auditions

Wardrobe Supervisor
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Position Title: Wardrobe Supervisor

Reports To: Costume Shop Manager

Status: seasonal, non-exempt

Indiana Repertory Theatre is seeking an individual to assist in the planning, running, and strike for all IRT productions and to manage the day-to-day operations of the wardrobe team, running shows, and maintaining the artistic integrity and vision of the designers and directors for all IRT productions.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create and maintain dressing room/backstage wardrobe supplies and load in, run, and strike shows.
  • Maintain costumes during the performance period including, but not limited to: making repairs, doing laundry, shoe polishing, and managing dry cleaning.
  • Read scripts, create costume breakdowns/costume change plots, and attend rehearsals as assigned.
  • Assist performers in dressing into costumes and facilitate quick changes.
  • Check in and review costumes prior to each dress rehearsal and performance and check out and retrieve costumes after each dress rehearsal and performance.
  • Maintain assigned dressing rooms, notifying Maintenance of cleaning needs.
  • Maintain a calm, professional demeanor for performers in your care.
  • Perform scheduled wig maintenance as guided by the Costume Shop Manager/Wig Designer and assist actors with hairstyling needs.
  • Restock costumes at the end of the production after strike in a timely manner.
  • Work in the Costume Shop, attend fittings to assist and take notes for Draper.
  • Maintain the integrity of the Costume Design through his/her interpretation of the sketch and prepare alterations from the fittings for Stitchers.
  • Assist in pulling costumes from stock as needed and sit with the designer at previews as needed.
  • Maintain your personal work area, including sewing machinery, cutting table, laundry facilities, and bulletin boards as necessary to keep work moving effectively and to promote a professional environment.
  • Attend weekly shop meetings and consult with other team members, co-workers, and Costume Shop Manager concerning problems and their possible solutions as scheduled.
  • Maintain inventory of sewing supplies and fabrics and communicate needs in a timely manner.
  • Talk with visitors and tour groups as needed.
  • Manage your time in an effective manner.
  • Perform other duties such as restocking, rentals and maintenance.
  • Perform such tasks, services, duties, and responsibilities in accordance with IRT policies, rules, regulations, and instructions now in force or which may be adopted from time to time during Employee’s employment at the IRT.
  • Other duties as determined by Costume Shop Manager and Production Manager.

Please submit resume and cover letter to Guy Clark, Costume Shop Manager via email at gclark@irtlive.com

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Job Title:  Housekeeper, Full Time

The Indiana Repertory Theatre seeks to hire a Housekeeper to manage the upkeep of the building during evenings and weekends.  The hours for the position vary, but the main work week will be Sunday-Thursday, and includes some evenings.  The position will be responsible for keeping areas of the building clean, locking up the building at the end of the evening, set up of tables and chairs, and other light maintenance work. Applicant must be able to work unsupervised, and be an enthusiastic member of our customer service team.

Emails of interested parties should be sent to Jane Robison at jrobison@irtlive.com, and will be accepted through 11/23/18.

Properties Carpenter
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Position Title: Properties Carpenter 

Reports To: Properties Shop Manager

Status: seasonal, non-exempt

The Properties Carpenter is a key member of the production team and assists the Props Shop in show and related projects to build and/or modify furniture, finish carpentry, etc. They will also assist in crafting or shopping for other props as needed.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist Prop Shop staff in show and shop related projects and build and/or modify furniture, finish carpentry, etc. 
  • Assist in crafting or shopping for other props.
  • Research and experiment with different materials and methods for properties creation.
  • Assist in maintaining a clean and safe workplace and storage areas.
  • Assist with prop rentals.
  • Collaborate with other departments and staff for the betterment of the shop, show and theatre.
  • Perform such tasks, services, duties, and responsibilities in accordance with IRT policies, rules, regulations, and instructions now in force, or which may be adopted from time to time, during Employee’s employment at the IRT.

Please submit resume and cover letter to Brian S. Newman, Production Manager via email at bnewman@irtlive.com and please include the words “Properties Search” in the subject line.

Over-hire Opportunities in Production
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The INDIANA REPERTORY THEATRE is currently accepting resumes for over-hire positions in all production departments. The IRT is a mid-sized LORT (C & D Stages) theatre, producing a wide variety of existing and new work for adults and children (currently 9 productions) located in downtown Indianapolis. Positions include: scenic carpentry, upholstery, scenic artistry, cabinetmaking, rigging, costume construction, pattern making, electrics, audio engineering, projections, stage management, production assistants, etc. Please send your resume to bnewman@irtlive.com and include the words “Resume Submission” in the subject line or mail them to the theatre – our address is at the bottom of the page. At the IRT, we believe that diverse ideas, backgrounds, cultures, and traditions enrich the quality of work we present on the stage. We are committed to all forms of diversity in all areas of our work.

IRT Open Auditions
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The Indiana Repertory Theatre’s annual Equity Principle/General Auditions were held on March 19 & 20, 2018. Show-specific auditions are by invitation only.

If you were unable to attend the open auditions but would like to be considered for the 2018-2019 season, please email your materials to casting@irtlive.com.


Usher at the IRT
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Interested in getting involved as an usher at the IRT? Volunteer to usher at any of our performances throughout the year and receive access to watch the performance you usher. 

Already an usher? Log in here.

If you would like more information or want to be registered as a new volunteer please send an email to House Manager Heather Uuk at huuk@irtlive.com. If you need immediate usher information during business hours, please contact Randy Talley, Executive Assistant, at 317.916.4801 or rtalley@irtlive.com.


IRT Internship Program
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The Indiana Repertory Theatre internship program offers an exciting opportunity for college and graduate students to gain professional experience by: working side-by-side with extraordinary artists, administrators, and technicians.

  • being actively involved in the production of world-class theatre among a variety of departments.
  • partnering with each student, university, and department to develop a course of study that best meets the needs of all parties.
  • delivering experienced-based, hands-on learning opportunities that provide the necessary skills to become a viable candidate in a highly competitive field


Company Management | Development and Fundraising | Dramaturgy | Education | Patron Services | Marketing Sales and Communications


Costuming | Electrics | Properties Production Management | Scenery | Scenic Art | Sound | Stage Management


Summer Youth Workshops


To apply for an internship, please fill out the form below. 

For internships during the academic year, applicants must be enrolled for credit in a college or university to be eligible. For summer internships, applicants must be enrolled for credit in a college or university for the upcoming semester to be eligible.

Deadline for Fall/Summer internships: April 1st

Deadline for Winter/Spring internships: December 1st

For more information, please contact Randy D. Pease at 317.916.4842.


Internships are individually designed for each student and IRT works with interns and advisors when necessary to develop a course of study which best reflects the needs of the participant and the department. Department heads will give interns tasks and challenges that will provide direct support to our day-to-day activities. The IRT internship program is designed to be an experienced based, hands-on learning opportunity providing the skills necessary to be a viable candidate in a highly competitive field. Applicants must currently be enrolled in a college or university to be eligible.

Click here to download a detailed description of IRT’s internship offerings. 

Internship Application

Current Contact Information 
Permanent Contact Information
(if different from current)
Emergency Contact Information
School Information

Please note that you must be enrolled in classes during the internship in order to be eligible.

Advisor Contact Information
Additional Information
Are you 18 years of age or older?
Do you have a valid driver's license?
Will you have a car during the internship?
What is your gender?
Work Requirements
The work involved in internships at IRT may require heavy lifting, long hours, and/or physical strain. Is there any reason(s) why you could not participate fully?
Areas of Interest

**Requires submission of an academic writing sample. See below.


Internships require a three month minimum commitment. Please note the following deadlines for application:

  • Fall/Summer Internships: April 1
  • Winter/Spring Internships: December 1
Is this date exact?
Is this date exact?

Please list at least two additional references, not including your advisor above.

Reference #1

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Writing SamplePlease describe:
  • Your career objectives and how you expect to achieve them.
  • Your expectations of an internship at Indiana Repertory Theatre.
  • Your relevant academic experience, work experience, or education in theatre.
  • Your strengths and weaknesses and how you plan to leverage those in this internship.

Note: If you are applying for internships in Dramaturgy, Development, Marketing, or Education, you will need to submit an academic writing sample in addition to the answer you enter below. See submission instructions at the end of this document.


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